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Steven Spielberg


Sidney Poitier

Dan Aykroyd

John Belushi

Academy Awards


Donald Crease


Toronto, Canada

Saturday Night Live

My Stepmother Is An Alien


Driving Miss Daisy

Richard Nixon

Beldar Conehead

Ontario, Canada

Change for a Quarter

The Blues Brothers

Made in America



Trading Places

Eddie Murphy

Ghostbusters II


Spies Like Us

Doctor Detroit

The Couch Trip

My Girl

Nora Ephron

This Is My Life

Mack Sennett

Richard Attenborough


Nothing But Trouble
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Mother (DAN AYKROYD, left) served 18 months at Dannemora Pen for breaking and entering, while Crease (SIDNEY POITIER) is a 22-year veteran of the CIA.

"Uh, Bish, can we go back to the 'They might kill us part?'"


DAN AYKROYD portrays "Mother," a high-strung gadget master who believes that there is a conspiracy behind almost everything.

Academy-Award nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Driving Miss Daisy," Aykroyd is well acquainted with the notion of ensemble acting.

As an original cast member and writer of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" in 1975, Aykroyd helped to forever change the face of television. During his five years on the show, he wrote and starred in many of SNL's best political satires, and portrayed an eccentric range of characters from Richard Nixon to Beldar Conehead.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Aykroyd attended Carleton University in Ottawa. In 1972, he produced, co-wrote and acted in a series of 15-minute comedy shows titled "Change for a Quarter" for a private cable company. That same year, he joined the famed Second City Comedy troupe in Toronto and Chicago, performing with them until 1974.

Aykroyd made his motion picture debut in the hit comedy feature "The Blues Brothers," co-starring fellow SNL star John Belushi. The film was supported by a live 10-city tour and a Made in America live album. The duo also appeared together in Steven Spielberg's "1941" and "Neighbors."

His subsequent acting career has included starring roles in such films as "Trading Places," opposite Eddie Murphy, "Ghostbusters" and "Ghostbusters II" (both of which he originated and co-wrote), "Dragnet," "Spies Like Us," "My Stepmother is an Alien," "Doctor Detroit," "The Couch Trip," "My Girl," and Nora Ephron's "This Is My Life." This Christmas he will star as Mack Sennett in Richard Attenborough's "Chaplin."

Two years ago, Aykroyd made his directing debut on the zany comedy, "Nothing But Trouble."

Left to right - Carl (RIVER PHOENIX), Bishop (ROBERT REDFORD), Mother (DAN AYKROYD) and Crease (SIDNEY POITIER) enter a high-stakes world where technology has become a brilliant but dangerous tool.

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