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The Natural

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John Lindley

Bernie Pollack

Field of Dreams

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This Property Is Condemned

The Great Gatsby

All The President's Men

The Electric Horseman


In The Mood

True Believer


The Wizard

Father of the Bride

Sleeping with the Enemy

Immediate Family

The Serpent and the Rainbow

The Stepfather

Killer Party

Lili In Love


Poor Little Rich Girl

A Stranger Waits


Dustin Hoffman


Straight Time

Rain Man

Sylvester Stallone

Tango and Cash
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College friends Cosmo (BEN KINGSLEY, left) and Bishop (ROBERT REDFORD) haven't seen each other in 25 years.

"Where can I find a flock of geese in January?"

Lin Parsons

Executive Producer LINDSLEY PARSONS, JR. is a talented veteran who has distinguished himself as a skilled producer as well as a top studio executive.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Parsons graduated from UCLA. He began his career as a second assistant director, but moved up through the ranks to become an assistant director, unit production manager, studio manager and senior executive.

After many years in the independent field, Parsons worked for the Samuel Goldwyn Company for two years, spent ten years at MGM, five years at Paramount, and over three years at CBS Theatrical Films, before he returned to MGM/UA as Senior VP, Production Management of the motion picture division.

Most recently, Parsons has been producing films for both independents and major studios. He served as executive producer for Universal's film "Shout" as well has "The Wizard."


"We can do it, but it will mean a whole new lighting set-up..."

John Lindley

Cinematographer JOHN LINDLEY has previously worked with writer-director Phil Alden Robinson on both "Field of Dreams" and "In the Mood." His earlier association producers Parkes and Lasker was on "True Believer."

Lindley's most recent credits include "Father of the Bride," starring Steve Martin, and "Sleeping with the Enemy," as well as the films "Immediate Family," "The Serpent and the Rainbow," "The Stepfather," "Killer Party," "Lili In Love," "The Goodbye People" and "Shakedown."

Lindley's television credits include "Poor Little Rich Girl," "A Stranger Waits" and "LBJ."


"You want it when...?"

Bernie Pollack

Costume designer BERNIE POLLACK first met Robert Redford in 1965 as an apprentice costumer on a small film called "This Property Is Condemned," co-starring Natalie Wood. It was an auspicious beginning for a relationship that has continued for more than two decades. Since then, Pollack has designed or selected the wardrobe for more than a dozen of Redford's motion pictures.

Pollack, whose older brother is director Sydney Pollack, earned his first costume designer credit in 1979 on "The Electric Horseman," after working on such Redford films as "The Sting," "The Great Gatsby," "All the President's Men" and "The Way We Were." He has since served as costume designer on "Brubaker" and "The Natural," which starred Redford, and "Ordinary People," which Redford directed.

Pollack has also had a rewarding working relationship with Dustin Hoffman, having costumed him in such films as "Tootsie," "Marathon Man," "Straight Time," and most recently "Rain Man," which featured Hoffman and Tom Cruise in matching suits, buttoned white collars and no ties. Pollack designed a new look for Sylvester Stallone in "Tango and Cash," which Stallone has repeated in subsequent films.

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