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Running on Empty

Sidney Lumet

Naomi Foner

New York

Kevin Kline

Prince of the City


Sissy Spacek

Elia Kazan

America, America

The Verdict

Garbo Talks

Burtt Harris

Gerry Fisher

Wise Blood


The Sea Gull

Splendor in the Grass



The Fugitive Kind

John Schlesinger

Midnight Cowboy

Marathon Man


The Glass Menagerie

Paul Newman

Children's Television Workshop

Sesame Street

The Electric Company



The Best of Families


Violets Are Blue

Random Hearts

Very Good Girls

Gail Sheehy

Spirit of Survival

The Offence

Joseph Losey

The Go-Between

A Doll's House

The Romantic Englishwoman

Ned Kelly


Last Remake of Beau Geste

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Running on Empty Press Kit
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Running on Empty

As one of the most respected movie craftsmen in New York, BURTT HARRIS' (Co-Executive Producer) professional association with Sidney Lumet spans over 25 years. Their relationship began in 1960 when they worked together on "The Fugitive Kind." Since then, Harris has served as producer, co-producer, executive producer or first assistant director on 15 Lumet productions including "Daniel," "Prince of the City," "Deathtrap," "Garbo Talks" and "The Verdict."

Harris began his theatrical career as an actor with the Pittsburgh Playhouse, and in the early 1960s he joined the first acting company at the Lincoln Center Repertory Company in New York. While playing an extra in "Splendor in the Grass" he met director Elia Kazan, who was so impressed with Harris' work that he brought him in as an assistant director on "America, America."

Other directing credits include the second unit of John Schlesinger's films "Midnight Cowboy" and "Marathon Man."

Harris has also produced many other films including "D.A.R.Y.L." and "The Glass Menagerie," directed by Paul Newman.

NAOMI FONER (Screenwriter/Co-Executive Producer) has always wanted to write about the '60s. Watching many of her friends struggle with how to integrate their political and social commitments of the '60s into present-day life, she brought a feeling of personal involvement to "Running on Empty."

Born in New York, Foner received her Bachelor's degree in English at Barnard and her Master's degree in Developmental Psychology at Columbia University.

While working for the Children's Television Workshop, Foner was involved in the development of such PBS shows as "Sesame Street" and "The Electric Company." She wrote "Blackout" for the highly acclaimed PBS "Visions" series and spent a year working for the BBC as producer of the 12-part series "The Best of Families."

"Violets Are Blue," starring Sissy Spacek and Kevin Kline, was Foner's first produced motion picture screenplay. She has since completed the screen adaptation of the novel "Random Hearts" and an original screenplay called "Very Good Girls" and is at work adapting Gail Sheehy's "Spirit of Survival."

GERRY FISHER (Director of Photography) and Sidney Lumet first worked together in 1968 on "The Sea Gull" and reunited in 1972 for "The Offence." Fisher's prestigious list of credits include several collaborations with director Joseph Losey, among them "The Go-Between," "A Doll's House" and "The Romantic Englishwoman."

Other credits include "Wise Blood," "Victory," "Ned Kelly," "Juggernaut," "The Last Remake of Beau Geste" and "Lovesick."

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