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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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Running on Empty

Filmed in New York City and New Jersey in 1987, this movie would see River reunited with his girlfriend and co-star from The Mosquito Coast, Martha Plimpton who would once again play his on-screen girlfriend.

It was around this time that the careers of all the Phoenix children began to take shape and as such a close, loving family, they were always prepared to make sacrifices for each other. Recalls River's youngest sister, Summer, of the time her brother left for New York to film this movie, "We all missed River like crazy, but I was the one who cried the hardest."

On the occasion of his birthday, screenplay writer Naomi Foner, who had become good friends with River on the set bought him a set of classic novels after being surprised by the star's pronounced lack of general knowledge. "He could read and write and he had an appetite for it but he had no deep roots into any kind of sense of history or literature," she said. "Some of the reason that he was so talented was that stuff didn't get processed through his head or through some preconception of what it was supposed to be."

Bringing to life the character of Danny Pope, River would receive an Oscar Nomination for his breathtaking performance in this feature film. At the 61st Oscar ceremony in 1989, the Best Supporting Actor award would actually go to Kevin Kline for his role in A Fish Called Wanda. The two actors themselves would go on to star together in I Love You To Death.

A RealAudio extract from this movie can be found in our Quoting Phoenix section as well as in Sounds of a Phoenix. See also the Making Movies and Who The Devil Made It books in Phoenix Bookshelf.

Before going on to gain international recognition as Dr. Kathryn Austin in the television series, Chicago Hope, Christine Lahti co-starred in another medical drama alongside River's I Love You To Death co-star, William Hurt, in the 1991 movie, The Doctor.

"There's some irony in this, don't you think Annie? Here you are, asking me to take Danny into a life that you ran from, like a shot out of hell."

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