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Peter's Friends

Renaissance Films

The Samuel Goldwin Company

Kenneth Branagh

Rita Rudner

Martin Bergman

Stephen Fry

Emma Thompson

Hugh Laurie

Michelle Pfeiffer
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Peter's Friends

Released By:Renaissance Films / The Samuel Goldwin Company
Director:Kenneth Branagh
Screenplay:Rita Rudner and Martin Bergman

"The truly adventurous person wouldn't cross the globe or climb mountains, he'd just jump over his neighbor's fence."

This British film made in 1992, tells of a musical troupe's reunion party over a New Year weekend. It stars Stephen Fry, Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie.

River is mentioned by name in the script of this movie.

When Stephen Fry's character, Peter, is propositioned late at night by Maggie, one of his guests, he is forced to make the following confession:-

To be perfectly honest with you, I do believe I'm what is commonly termed 'bi-sexual'. Which is by the by because actually, I no longer sleep with men or women.

If I did I promise you, you would be right up there on my wish list.... together with Michelle Pfeiffer and River Phoenix.

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