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Little Nikita


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The X-Files
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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Little Nikita

The Sleepers

This time it was Sidney Poitier who would be adopted by River as his mentor. "I was so open to his advice and suggestions," said River. "He's a wonderful person and a really bright man. He gave me tips about life."

Likewise, Poitier said, "River is so spontaneous and so quick, it charges my batteries. You're not working against an actor who's relying on technique. You're working against raw talent and that's very invigorating to me. He sparkles."

Sidney Poitier and Jerry Hardin.

Sidney Poitier would be reunited with River in November 1991 for the movie Sneakers.

This movie also stars Jerry Hardin who would go on to find fame in Fox Television's, The X-Files.

By now in his career, River was one of the hottest properties in Hollywood and would be recognised no matter where he went. Now receiving thousands of fan letters every day, River longed for privacy and a normal family life. These factors caused him to become depressed and moody. He now questioned whether or not he was successful because of his acting skills or because of the image being generated by the teen-magazines.

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