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I Love You To Death

Keanu Reeves

Tri-Star Pictures

Lawrence Kasdan

John Kostmayor

Devo Nod

Tracey Ullman

Miriam Margolyes

Joey Boca

Rosalie Boca

Kevin Kline

Joan Plowright


Harlan James

William Hurt

Marlon James

Dangerous Liaisons

The Tracey Ullman Show

Body Heat


Jeffrey Lurie

Ron Moler

Charles Okun

Michael Grillo

Tony Toto

Frances Toto

Patrick Wells

The Big Chill

The Accidental Tourist

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

James Gammon

Jack Kehler

Victoria Jackson

Kathleen York

Michelle Joyner

Heather Graham

Jon Kasdan

Alisan Porter

Chestnut Hill Productions
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
I Love You to Death Press Kit
Page Two

(front, l. to r.) River Phoenix, Tracey Ullman, Kevin Kline (rear, l. to r.) Keanu Reeves, William Hurt and Joan Plowright star in the comic love story "I LOVE YOU TO DEATH," a Tri-Star Pictures presentation of a Chestnut Hill Production of a Lawrence Kasdan Film. Kasdan directed the film, which was produced by Jeffrey Lurie and Ron Moler and written by John Kostmayer. The executive producers are Charles Okun and Michael Grillo.

The true events that inspired the fictional "I Love You to Death" first came to the attention of producer Ron Moler in 1984, when he heard the story of Tony and Frances Toto and the five unsuccessful attempts on Tony's life. He and co-producer Patrick Wells began developing the material for a feature film and brought in screenwriter John Kostmayer to write the script.

Joey and Rosalie, Kostmayer says, are people driven by passion to behave irrationally but who "have a sweetness in them so deep that they're prepared to forgive infidelity, attempted murder, lies, betrayal, every crime against marriage and start all over again."

Kline and Ullman, playing a married couple who have forgotten how to communicate with one another, are part of a remarkable ensemble cast that includes William Hurt, River Phoenix, Joan Plowright and Keanu Reeves. Kline and Kasdan have a close relationship that dates back to their work together on "The Big Chill" and "Silverado." Ullman, Emmy Award-winning star of her own television series, makes her American movie debut in this film.

Joan Plowright, the distinguished British stage and screen actress, struck Kasdan with her resemblance to Tracey Ullman and was cast as Nadja, Rosalie's Yugoslavian mother and enthusiastic partner in the murder plot. A woman who regulates her life on the basis of what she reads in supermarket tabloids, Nadja has her own ideas about how to dispose of her daughter's philandering husband.

Playing Devo Nod, Rosalie's adoring friend, is River Phoenix. Devo, a slightly off-center young man with a sensitive spiritual side, thinks the world of Rosalie and will do anything to "release" her from the pain Joey causes her.

William Hurt and Keanu Reeves are paired as Harlan and Marlon James, two inept drug addicts hired to kill Joey. The cousins, as played by Hurt and Reeves, are not brutal people, and the fact that they take a taxi to their murder assignment is an early clue that they don't have the first idea how to go about their job.

Hurt, who has done "Body Heat," "The Big Chill" and "The Accidental Tourist" with Kasdan, demonstrates his ability as a physical comedian as he gives Harlan some of the broadest strokes in the film. Reeves is a bright new star who has appeared in films as diverse as "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Dangerous Liaisons."

Co-starring are Miriam Margolyes, who portrays Joey's pragmatic, volatile mother; James Gammon and Jack Kehler as the baffled police detectives who investigate the goings-on in the Boca household; and Victoria Jackson and Kathleen York as two of Joey's lovers who are also tenants in the apartments he owns above the pizzeria.

Michelle Joyner and Heather Graham portray two more women in Joey's life, and Jon Kasdan and Alisan Porter appear as the Boca children.

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