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I Love You To Death

Keanu Reeves

Tri-Star Pictures

Lawrence Kasdan

John Kostmayor

Tracey Ullman

Joey Boca

Kevin Kline

San Francisco

Joan Plowright

Juilliard School of Music

William Hurt

Patrick Swayze


Robert Towne

The Morning After

Jane Fonda

James Horner

Jeffrey Lurie

Ron Moler

Charles Okun

Michael Grillo

Patrick Wells

James Gammon

Jack Kehler

Jon Kasdan

Alisan Porter

Lilly Kilvert

Owen Roizman

Aggie Guerard Rodgers

Sweet Hearts Dance

Chestnut Hill Productions

Don Johnson

Susan Sarandon

Detective Schooner


Anne V. Coates

The Personals

Peter Markle

Hitler's S.S.


Hot Dog...The Movie


Rob Lowe

Space Rage

Richard Farnsworth

Michael Pare

Sadie and Son

Debbie Reynolds

The Cellar

Honor Bound

Tom Skerritt

John Philbin

Lauren Weissman

IPC Films

Bruce Gilbert

Hollywood Reporter

Fonda Films

Adnes of God

The Dollmaker

9 to 5

Danika Productions

The Blue Swords

Dancing Bear
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
I Love You to Death Press Kit
Page Fifteen

Joey (Kevin Kline, l.) grabs a moment with his kids (Jon Kasdan and Alisan Porter) at his pizza parlor while two of his buddies from the police department, Wiley (Jack Kehler, c.) and Schooner (James Gammon), look on in the comic love story "I LOVE YOU TO DEATH," a Tri-Star Pictures presentation of a Chestnut Hill Production of a Lawrence Kasdan Film. Kasdan directed the film, which was produced by Jeffrey Lurie and Ron Moler and written by John Kostmayer. The executive producers are Charles Okun and Michael Grillo.

Co-producer PATRICK WELLS was already an established entrepreneur in the development and construction of residential communities in the Minneapolis area when he entered the entertainment business by producing the critically acclaimed regional film "The Personals" in 1982.

He then moved to Los Angeles to develop projects for Markle-Wells, Inc. with his directing partner, Peter Markle. In 1983, Wells became head of development for Edgar J. Sherick Associates, where he developed the highly rated movies of the week "Hitler's S.S." and "Evergreen." That same year, he became a profit participant in "Hot Dog...The Movie." This $2.5 million action-comedy grossed more than $20 million domestically.

In 1984-85, Wells produced "Youngblood," starring Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze. Completed for $5 million, this Markle-Wells production grossed more than $15 million domestically. Wells next served as associate producer for "Space Rage," starring Richard Farnsworth and Michael Paré. In 1986, he developed and taught a course on marketing and distribution in the motion picture industry at UCLA.

In recent years, Wells developed "Sadie and Son," a movie of the week starring Debbie Reynolds; was line producer of "The Cellar," a fantasy/horror feature; and associate producer of "Honor Bound," a spy thriller starring Tom Skerritt and John Philbin.

As president of Patrick C. Wells Associates, Wells is developing feature film and television properties.


Co-producer LAUREN WEISSMAN is a former opera singer who studied at Stanford University, the Juilliard School of Music and San Francisco State University, where she did graduate work in Russian musical performance. She performed with the San Francisco Opera, the Showboat Opera Company in St. Louis and elsewhere throughout the United States.

In the early '60s, Weissman began developing and implementing community programs in California and Montana.

She began her entertainment career in 1978, when she was hired by Jane Fonda's IPC Films. Weissman worked in all phases of development for Fonda and IPC partner Bruce Gilbert, then moved on two years later to help produce a series of nationwide seminars, "The Business of Entertainment," for The Hollywood Reporter.

In 1981, Fonda left IPC Films and asked Weissman to create a new production entity, Fonda Films. As senior vice president, production/creative affairs, Weissman supervised the company's administration, creative development and production, bringing to the screen such films as "Agnes of God," "The Morning After," the TV movie "The Dollmaker" and the "9 to 5" comedy series.

Weissman joined with Jeffrey Lurie in 1985 to form Chestnut Hill Productions. As executive vice president, production/creative affairs, and as a producing executive, Weissman supervised the day-to-day activities of the company with Lurie. In 1988, Weissman served as co-executive producer on Chestnut Hill's production of "Sweet Hearts Dance," starring Don Johnson and Susan Sarandon.

Weissman recently formed her own production company, Danika Productions. Her first projects include "The Blue Swords," which is scheduled to begin production this fall, and "Dancing Bear," to be directed by Robert Towne.

Tri-Star Pictures presents a Chestnut Hill Production of a Lawrence Kasdan Film, "I Love You to Death," starring Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, William Hurt, River Phoenix, Joan Plowright and Keanu Reeves. Lawrence Kasdan directed and Jeffrey Lurie and Ron Moler produced the film, which was written by John Kostmayer. The executive producers are Charles Okun and Michael Grillo. Owen Roizman, A.S.C., is the director of photography, Lilly Kilvert is the production designer and Anne V. Coates, A.C.E., is the film editor. The music is by James Horner, the costume designer is Aggie Guerard Rodgers, and the co-producers are Patrick Wells and Lauren Weissman.

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