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I Love You To Death

Tri-Star Pictures

Lawrence Kasdan

John Kostmayor

Joan Plowright


Tom Hanks


Jeffrey Lurie

Ron Moler

Charles Okun

Michael Grillo

Tony Toto

Frances Toto

Sweet Hearts Dance

General Cinema Corporation

Philip Smith

Richard Smith

Chestnut Hill Productions

Ira Sohn

The Dreaming of America

Don Johnson

Susan Sarandon

Jeff Daniels

Elizabeth Perkins


Elvis (Film)

Aspect Ratio, Inc.

Bachelor Party
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I Love You to Death Press Kit
Page Eleven

Producer JEFFREY LURIE, president of Chestnut Hill Productions, developed "I Love You to Death" as part of his company's joint venture with Tri-Star Pictures. "I Love You to Death" is Chestnut Hill's second feature, following "Sweet Hearts Dance."

Lurie, a native of Boston, graduated from Clark University and later earned a Ph.D. in social policy at Brandeis University, where he wrote his thesis on the depiction of women in Hollywood movies. During this period, Lurie was also a professor of social policy at Boston University.

In 1983 he left academia to join General Cinema Corporation, a major film company founded by his grandfather, Philip Smith, and now headed by his uncle, Richard Smith. He worked as an executive in the company as a liaison between General Cinema Corporation and the production community in Hollywood. He was also an adviser in General Cinema's national film buying operation. In 1985 he formed Chestnut Hill Productions, based at Tri-Star Pictures.

He is also writing a book with his colleague, Ira Sohn, entitled "The Dreaming of America," which examines parallels in the political economic history of Hollywood and that of the United States.

Lurie previously produced "Sweet Hearts Dance," with Don Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Jeff Daniels and Elizabeth Perkins, which was released in 1988.


"I love You to Death" is a project that producer RON MOLER has been involved with since 1984, when he first heard the true story of Tony and Frances Toto and the five unsuccessful attempts on Tony's life.

Moler is a California native who began his motion picture career as a youngster shooting movies of his local surfing heroes. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response to his films, he branched out and started filming documentaries and local TV commercials.

He attended California State University at Fullerton as a business major while also pursuing his interest in photography and documentary films. After receiving a bachelor's degree in communications in 1972, he continued his career in documentary filmmaking.

Of particular note was a series of films he produced and directed for the Sierra Club to help save California's remaining "wild rivers." These films were widely shown and eventually achieved their desired goal of protecting these rivers.

In 1974 Moler took a job as a promotional film editor at CBS Television, leaving in 1976 to edit feature films as diverse as "Tunnelvision" and "Elvis."

In 1978, Moler formed Aspect Ratio, Inc., an advertising/marketing firm specializing in motion picture ad campaigns. Clients include most of the major Hollywood studios and many independents.

In 1984, Moler developed and produced the highly successful motion picture "Bachelor Party," starring Tom Hanks, which has grossed more than $60 million worldwide.

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