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I Love You To Death

Keanu Reeves

Tri-Star Pictures

Lawrence Kasdan

John Kostmayor

Tracey Ullman

Joey Boca

Rosalie Boca

Kevin Kline

Joan Plowright


William Hurt

Jeffrey Lurie

Ron Moler

Charles Okun

Michael Grillo

Chestnut Hill Productions
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
I Love You to Death Press Kit
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Production Information

Joey Boca, what a man!

He's filled with so much life he hardly knows what to do with himself. Friends, food, work, play, sex -- he's a glutton for them all. If he could make love to every woman in Tacoma, he would, but his wife has other plans. "I Love You to Death" is an offbeat comic love story inspired by true events about a wife who almost kills for love and a husband who almost dies for it.

Joey (Kevin Kline) is a pizza parlor owner with a devoted wife, Rosalie (Tracey Ullman), two darling children and a zest for life that sometimes makes him do crazy things, such as making love to more women than he can keep track of. He's Italian, so he flirts a little, Rosalie rationalizes. She refuses to acknowledge that her husband is fooling around, until one day she can't avoid the truth any longer and she's driven to do something crazy, too: She tries to murder him, with a little help from her mother, a friend and some novice hit men.

"I Love You to Death" is directed by Lawrence Kasdan and stars Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, William Hurt, River Phoenix, Joan Plowright and Keanu Reeves in an ensemble cast. The Tri-Star Pictures presentation of a Chestnut Hill Production of a Lawrence Kasdan Film was produced by Jeffrey Lurie and Ron Moler and written by John Kostmayer. The executive producers are Charles Okun and Michael Grillo.

This is the first film Kasdan has directed that he didn't write. "The screenplay made me laugh out loud when I read it," Kasdan says, "but I was also taken with the emotional level of the piece. There is something very touching, almost sweet about it, even though it's a very dark story and people do terrible things in it. You understand them all, and they're not evil people."

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