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I Love You To Death

William Richert

Keanu Reeves

Tri-Star Pictures

Lawrence Kasdan

John Kostmayor

Devo Nod

Tracey Ullman

Joey Boca

Rosalie Boca

Kevin Kline

Joan Plowright


Harlan James

William Hurt

Marlon James
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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I Love You To Death

Released By:Tristar Pictures
Director:Lawrence Kasdan
Screenplay:John Kostmayor

Kevin Kline
as Joey Boca

Tracey Ullman
as Rosalie Boca

Joan Plowright
as Nadja

River Phoenix
as Devo Nod

William Hurt
as Harlan

Keanu Reeves
as Marlon

"In America, people kill each other left and right. It's like a national pastime."

Based on a true story, the film portrays a woman making five attempts to kill her husband who is having an affair.

River agreed to do this film in the hope that it would lighten up his serious image and was cast as the pizza boy Devo Nod - a character the director considered River was perfect for the part.

"I don't confuse myself with the characters I play," said River. "I make it a really strict point. Anyway, Devo is such a psychological mess-up. He's got a twisted idea of spiritual things and all that crystal stuff. He's so serious about life."

Although River first met Keanu Reeves during the previous year, it would be during the making of this movie that they would become inseparable friends. "He's like my older brother," River would fondly say.

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