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Paramount Studios/Pictures

Iris Burton

Surviving: A Family in Crisis


Stand By Me

Ethan Hawke

Bradley Gregg

Joe Dante

Eric Luke


Wolfgang Muller

Ben Crandall

Jason Presson

Darren Woods

Amanda Peterson

Lori Swenson

James Cromwell

Bobby Fite

Steve Jackson

Dick Miller

Robert Picardo

Mr Muller

Charlie Drake


Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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Released By:Paramount Pictures
Director:Joe Dante
Screenplay:Eric Luke

Ethan Hawke
as Ben Crandall

River Phoenix
as Wolfgang Müller

Jason Presson
as Darren Woods

Bobby Fite
as Steve Jackson

Bradley Gregg
as Steve Jackson's Gang #1

Amanda Peterson
as Lori Swenson

James Cromwell
as Mr Müller

Dick Miller
as Charlie Drake

Robert Picardo
as Wak

"But don't you wonder what's out there?
I mean, up in the Universe, on other planets?

After receiving messages in their dreams, three young friends build a spaceship out of old discarded junk and meet the aliens transmitting them.

During the shooting of a TV movie Surviving, River's agent Iris Burton contacted his family with news that a casting director wanted River to test for a big-budget science-fiction feature. This was the big break the Phoenix's were looking for - the director in question was Joe Dante who had just had great success with Gremlins. River described the opportunity as "a movie kid's dream."

James Cromwell, better known for his role
in the children's movie Babe,
plays Wolfgang's excentric father.

"I was immediately impressed by River's fresh and natural acting ability. We liked his acting so much that we ended up offering him the part that was furthest away from his real persona" said Dante who cast River as the geeky boy-scientist Wolfgang Müller. Ethan Hawke was cast as Ben Crandall and Jason Presson was given the roll of the streetwise kid Darren Woods - the part River had originally read for and the type of character he would go on to play in his next film Stand By Me.

"But this is just the movies. This isn't the way we really are!
Don't you know that?

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