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About the Filmmakers...

Director NANCY SAVOCA received tremendous critical acclaim for her first film, "True Love," which won the Grand Jury Prize at the U.S. Film Festival in 1989. "True Love" looked at love and marriage, Bronx-style. A native of The Bronx herself, Savoca saw many of the characters and behaviors of the film firsthand. Both of her parents immigrated from abroad, her father from Sicily and her mother from Argentina.

Savoca graduated from New York University Film School. While there, she wrote and directed two award-winning short films, "Renata" and "Bad Timing." She received the Haig P. Manoogian Award for Overall Excellence in Filmmaking at the 1984 NYU Film Festival, in which both films were entered.

After graduating, Savoca worked in the film industry in a variety of positions, including production coordinator, assistant auditor, assistant editor and storyboard artist.

At age 20 Savoca married Rich Guay, an accounting student whom she had met when he worked at the Italian deli around the corner. Their marriage has since evolved into a creative partnership, beginning with their co-writing of "True Love," which Guay produced.

They recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, have two sons and still live in The Bronx.

As either executive producer or producer, PETER NEWMAN (Producer) has averaged a film project per year for the last 10 years. Prior to producing "Dogfight," Newman was executive producer of "Lord of the Flies" for Castle Rock Productions; "Swimming to Cambodia," directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Spaulding Gray; Horton Foote's "On Valentine's Day"; and "1918," which starred Matthew Broderick.

Newman produced "End of the Line," starring Wilfred Brimley, Mary Steenburgen, Levon Helm, Holly Hunter, Kevin Bacon and Bob Balaban, and two films by director Robert Altman: "O.C. and Stiggs," starring Dennis Hopper, Jane Curtin, Jon Cryer and King Sunny Ade, and "Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean," which starred Sandy Dennis, Cher, Karen Black and Kathy Bates.

Newman executive-produced a five-hour mini-series for PBS written by Horton Foote: "Story of a Marriage," which starred Hallie Foote and Matthew Broderick. Also for PBS, he was special producer and host for "Muhammed Ali: One More Miracle." For CBS television he produced "Gelsey Kirkland: Dancing on Her Grave."

In 1988 RICH GUAY (Producer) produced the critically acclaimed independent film "True Love" which he co-authored with his wife, the film's director, Nancy Savoca. "True Love" won the Grand Jury Prize at the U.S. Film Festival in 1989.

A New York native, Guay grew up in The Bronx and attended the respected Bronx High School of Science. He graduated from the New York University School of Business, earning his C.P.A. While there, he produced Nancy Savoca's two award-winning short films, "Renata" and "Bad Timing," through the NYU Film School.

As an East Coast-based certified public accountant, Guay's work as a production auditor brought him in close contact with many of that region's premier filmmakers. Some of his credits include John Sayles' "Brother From Another Planet" and "Eight Men Out," Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters," Martin Scorsese's "After Hours," Mike Nichols' "Heartburn," Susan Seidelman's "She-Devil," Jonathan Demme's "Something Wild," "Married to the Mob," and "Miami Blues."

Rich and Nancy have also collaborated on two children, the younger of whom was born the night that "True Love" was awarded the Grand Jury Prize. They live in The Bronx.

Executive producer CATHLEEN SUMMERS' most recent credits are "Mystery Date," "Vital Signs," "D.O.A." and "Stakeout."

A graduate of the USC School of Cinema, Ms. Summers joined the film industry as an assistant to director Roman Polanski. She went on to work on a number of features and documentary films before joining Columbia Pictures, first as an executive assistant to the Vice President of Production and then as a story editor.

Following her tenure running Martin Ransohoff Productions, Inc., she went on to serve as associate producer or executive producer on a number of projects, including "The Wanderers," "A Change of Seasons" and "Class."

In 1983 Summers moved to Tri-Star Pictures as Vice President of Production. During the next two years she worked on such projects as "The Natural," "Birdy," "About Last Night..." and "Places in the Heart" before beginning to develop her own projects as an independent producer.

In an effort to continue developing and producing a variety of diverse and challenging projects, Summers and partner Dennis Quaid have signed a non-exclusive production deal with Tri-Star Pictures.

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