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Anthony Clark


The Thing Called Love

Warner Brothers

Nancy Savoca

Bob Comfort

Empire Magazine

Rose Fenny

Eddie Birdlace


Vegan, Vegetarian, Vegetarianism

Lili Taylor

Richard Panebianco



Mitchell Whitfield

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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Released By:Warner Brothers
Director:Nancy Savoca
Screenplay:Bob Comfort

River Phoenix
as Eddie Birdlace

Lili Taylor
as Rose Fenny

Richard Panebianco
as Berzin

Anthony Clark
as Okie

Mitchell Whitfield
as Benjamin

"Shooting doesn't solve anything. You shoot at people - what you got? You got people shooting back at you! When you sing to people, your message goes straight to the soul. You open up a whole new point of view. You disarm them."

Described by Empire Magazine as "River Phoenix's best kept secret," some critics feel that River gave his finest ever performance in this movie.

A dogfight - a ritual where marines compete to bring the ugliest girl they can find to a party. Eddie Birdlace, played by River, invites Rose Fenny, a large waitress who finds out what is happening and confronts him. Birdlace, feeling terribly guilty ultimately falls in love with her.

Playing the character of Okie is co-star Anthony Clark. He would soon appear in another movie alongside River, playing the part of Billy in The Thing Called Love.

Anthony Clark

In May 1990, River traveled to Seattle and spent nearly a month in a marine boot camp. There he was the victim of extra hard treatment by the instructors who enjoyed publicly ridiculing him due to his vegan diet and special name. After completing the experience, River and his fellow actors emerged as marines. At a particularly rowdy party afterwards, things slowly became out of control and the police had to be called. "River was the head of that whole thing," said Clark. "That night he was a marine."

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