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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Press Kit
Page Six

Harrison Ford (right) and Sean Connery star in Paramount's "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," a Lucasfilm Ltd. production directed by Steven Spielberg. The film, featuring the long-awaited return of the daring archaeologist, will introduce moviegoers to Indiana's father, Dr. Henry Jones. It's the first movie teaming Ford and Connery, who have portrayed some of the world's best known movie heroes.


HARRISON FORD (Indiana Jones) originated the role of the daring archaeologist in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and reprised the role in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." He was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for "Witness." Ford's other films include "Working Girl," "Frantic," "The Mosquito Coast," "Blade Runner," "American Graffiti," and he was Han Solo in the "Star Wars" saga.

Born and raised in Chicago, Ford attended Ripon College in Wisconsin and began his career performing in summer stock productions. After moving to Los Angeles to begin his film career, he was signed to a contract by Columbia and later by Universal. He made his motion picture debut in "Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round" (1964), which was followed by small roles in such films as "Luv," "Zabriskie Point," and "Getting Straight." On television he guest-starred in such series as "Ironside," "Gunsmoke," "The FBI," and "The Virginian."

Ford's career progressed in the early '70s with roles in "American Graffiti" and "The Conversation." On television he co-starred in the telefilms "Dynasty," "The Court-Martial of Lt. William Calley," and "The Possessed." Between acting assignments Ford worked as a carpenter until he achieved international recognition for his starring role in "Star Wars" in 1977.

Ford lives on a ranch in Wyoming with his wife, screenwriter Melissa Mathison ("E.T. the Extraterrestrial," "The Black Stallion") and his three sons Benjamin, Willard, and Malcolm.


SEAN CONNERY (Dr. Henry Jones) won an Academy Award for his performance in Paramount's "The Untouchables." He also received a Golden Globe and was named Best Supporting Actor of 1987 by the National Board of Review for his role of Jimmy Malone.

Movies starring Connery include "The Name of the Rose," "Outland," "The Great Train Robbery," "A Bridge Too Far," "Robin and Marian," "The Wind and the Lion," "The Man Who Would Be King," "Zardoz," "Murder on the Orient Express," "Marnie," and "A Fine Madness."

Connery first won international acclaim as James Bond in "Dr. No." Selected to portray agent 007 by author Ian Fleming, Connery reprised the role in six more movies.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Tommy Connery, as he was called in those years, was born in an impoverished tenement district. He grew up tough, poor and practically on his own. He entered the Royal Navy at age 17, and after his discharge he worked a variety of jobs: coalman, printer's devil, truck driver and bricklayer.

While competing in London for the 1950 Mr. Universe contest, Connery met the director of the musical "South Pacific" and accepted a part in the chorus, eventually taking over the role of Lt. Buzz Adams in the show.

In 1956 he replaced Jack Palance in the British television production of Rod Serling's boxing drama "Requiem for a Heavyweight." Soon after came his film debut in "No Road Back."

In 1957 Twentieth Century Fox offered him a contract, paving the way for parts in "Another Time, Another Place" and "The Longest Day."

His big break came in 1962 with the first in the series of James Bond films, "Dr. No." Then came "From Russia With Love," "Goldfinger," "Thunderball," "You Only Live Twice" and "Diamonds are Forever." Connery also played Bond in the 1983 release "Never Say Never Again."

Connery lives with his wife, artist Micheline Roquebrune, in Marbella, Spain and in the Bahamas. He is the father of a son, Jason, from his previous marriage to actress Diane Cilento.


DENHOLM ELLIOTT (Marcus Brody) originated the role of the museum curator who is Indy's colleague in "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Elliott was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in "A Room With A View." His other films include "September," "Maurice," "Defence of the Realm," "A Private Function," "The Razor's Edge" (1984), "Trading Places," "Brimstone and Treacle," "The Missionary," "Bad Timing," "Saint Jack," "The Boys From Brazil," "A Bridge Too Far," "Robin and Marian," "Voyage of the Damned," "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz," "The Night They Raided Minsky's," and "Alfie."

Born in England, Elliott's father and grandfather were barristers. After attending Malvern College and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, he served in the air force. His plane shot down over Germany in 1942, Elliott was a prisoner of war for three years. He began acting in the camp with Shakespeare's plays to alleviate boredom. After the war, Elliott joined Amersham Repertory and less than a month later he made his West End stage acting debut in "The Guinea Pig." In 1950 he received the Clarence Derwent Award for his role in "Venus Observed." "The same year he made his Broadway debut in "Ring Around the Moon," for which he was honored with the Donaldson Award as the most promising newcomer.

In addition to a long succession of stage roles, Elliott at the age of 25 was signed to a 15-year film contract by Alexander Korda, resulting in such films as "The Holly and the Ivy," "The Cruel Sea," and "Scent of Mystery."

Elliott has appeared in such television productions as "Hotel Du Lac," "James Clavell's Noble House," "Mrs. Delafield Wants to Get Married," "Bleak House," "Camille," "Vanity Fair," "The Moon and Sixpence," "A Tale of Two Cities," "Wuthering Heights," "Invincible Mr. Disraeli," and "The Lark."

Elliott's wife and children are American. The Elliotts enjoy retreating to their house on the island of Ibiza.

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