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Further Phoenix
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Paramount Studios/Pictures

Peter Bogdanovich

Carol Heikkinen

James Wright

Samantha Mathis

Dermot Mulroney

The Thing Called Love

New York


Miranda Presley

Kyle Davidson

K.T. Oslin

Sandra Bullock

Linda Lue Linden

Trisha Yearwood


The Bluebird Cafe

John Davis

George Folsey Jr.

Darlene K. Chan

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
The Thing Called Love Press Kit
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Set against the backdrop of Nashville and The Bluebird Cafe, the city's preeminent showcase for aspiring singers/songwriters, "The Thing Called Love" follows the crossing paths of four novice songwriters who come to the world's country music capital to further their careers only to find their plans complicated by matters of the heart. For them, success in the recording industry--like love--is an exciting yet unpredictable thing.

Starring River Phoenix, Samantha Mathis, Dermot Mulroney, and Sandra Bullock, the film was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and produced by John Davis. The screenplay was written by Carol Heikkinen. George Folsey, Jr. is the executive producer and Darlene K. Chan is the co-producer. The cast includes country music greats Trisha Yearwood and K.T. Oslin. "The Thing Called Love" is a presentation of the Motion Picture Group of Paramount Pictures, part of the entertainment operations of Paramount Communications Inc.

How many obstacles are there on the road to fame and fortune? For would-be country songwriters in Nashville, there are 10,000 -- that's how many other people there are in the vicinity who share a similar dream. In "The Thing Called Love," four of Music City's most recent arrivals are determined to gain recognition for their talent. There's James Wright (River Phoenix) from Texas; Miranda Presley (Samantha Mathis), who has just stepped off a bus from New York City; Kyle Davidson (Dermot Mulroney), who aspires to find some legitimate 'Cowboyness' for his songs after growing up in Connecticut; and Linda Lue Linden (Sandra Bullock), an Alabama-born '90s version of the Southern Belle. Not only do these young country music hopefuls have much to learn about the music industry, they soon discover that no matter how many detours, diversions and dead-ends face them on the road to success -- it isn't as rocky as the road to love.

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