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Embassy International Pictures

Terry Gilliam

Tom Stoppard

Charles McKeown

Jonathan Pryce

George Sluizer

George Orwell


Sam Lowry

Robert De Niro

Ian Holm

Bob Hoskins

Michael Palin

Dark Blood
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Released By:Embassy International Pictures
Director:Terry Gilliam
Screenplay:Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard, Charles McKeown

"It's my lunch-hour! Besides, it's not my department!"

This film would become River's all-time favorite movie. It stars Jonathan Pryce, who would later perform alongside River in Dark Blood.

Recalls Dark Blood's director George Sluizer, "River told me that he had loved Brazil so much that he had seen it thirteen times."

This movie portrays an alternative version of present day society. Much like George Orwell's 1984 it is a bleak reality, but this film effectively combines comedy by sprinkling visual gags and ridiculous situations throughout. When Pryce's character, Sam Lowry, is promoted to "Information Retrieval", the scenes of his first day at the office as he fights for his desk and also later in the lift are simply hilarious.

The movie also stars Robert De Niro, Ian Holm, Bob Hoskins and Michael Palin.

During the filming of Dark Blood, as a gift for his new friend, Jonathan Pryce made arrangements for River to meet Brazil's director Terry Gilliam. River was reportedly overjoyed and extremely excited at the prospect of being introduced to his hero. Pryce arranged the meeting for 2:00 pm the following Sunday afternoon. That Sunday was in fact October 31, 1993.

River never made it to that appointment.

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