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"A Gift"

By Amy Tsao,
Florida, USA

The time is a quarter till midnight,
people are searching and waiting for you,
they look everywhere,
but there's one place they haven't looked.

Maybe they have seen you,
not in you usual attire,
but incognito from the world.
Only few know this new you,
that is until word gets out,
then you are seen by all that wish to see.

You are back to where you were found,
but circumstances have switched.
At first all you wanted was to be seen,
now all you want is to hide.

You look for a place to release you fears,
there are many choices to turn to.
The one you have chosen,
will start out as a cure,
but soon morph into a curse.

Taking an easy way out is what you needed,
wanted is a better word,
needed is an actual comfort.
Time is not one of those.

It looks like you have finally found her,
beauty is all around.
Friends have encouraged you to stop you first release,
and leave this world of schizophrenia.

You promised to leave,
as soon as you finish,
in a few months you would have been free.
But this night you have chose,
diminishes all your promises.

Soon all that's left are your memories,
as good as they are,
you are not here to enjoy them.

All over this earth you have cherished so much,
people, animals, and other things you have tried to save,
will miss you forever.

It looks like you have turned into what you have wanted so desperately to save,
a rare beauty,
something special,
an extinct gift.

This work © Amy Tsao

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