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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"I am very impressed that you seem to understand what River stood for and all he was. Thank you for being so true to his memory and so true to who Rio was. I am sure he would appreciate such honesty and such integrity that you show.
I wrote a poem that sums up how I remember River....


River once told me if I ever die, life will go on
and sadly he's right.
Though I never asked him to prove it to me
as he did that Halloween night.

The world is now somehow dimmer for the loss of a star.
A star in every sense, a star now in my heart.
A star that shined so brightly until that fateful night,
when all the stars in Hollywood couldn't keep this one alight.

I cannot explain how many nights I have cried,
just to be comforted by the feeling that my Rio was still alive.
The world is somehow dimmer for the loss of a star,
but if you look into the distance so far, up into heaven
you can see it shinning brightly because it has gained our star.

His light has been re-lit
but we can never see it in the way we once did
he's locked inside our hearts and the key has been hid
the heavens are shinning brightly and we are fading away
so I just hope heaven appreciates what it has gained from me.

"Thank you for letting River's memory live on away from all the horrible headlines and the media. Just try one night looking out at the stars as River loved to do and I am sure he'll look down on you. I often still talk to him and most times I can feel him with me and I can hear his voice sometimes at night....

I can still hear him singing."

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