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The Thing Called Love
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix


By Marisa Espinola,
Oporto, Miramar, Portugal

What I'm looking for?
My star from heaven?
My blue eyes full of pain.
I must see you again.

How, I miss you...
I never meet you.
I never saw you.
But I'm in love with you.

I don't know if I will find you,
I don't know if you care about me.
I can't wait anymore.

I need your love, and peace.
I need you, you are my unknowing and special friend,
My secret...
I need your freedom,
Be free my star from heaven.

I will open my eyes to the sky,
Like you open my eyes to love...
Everything good that the world can give,
And in our heart your memory never die.

And finally I will meet you,
And finally I will hold you,
And finally we can be just friends.
River, and finally I will say I love you.

I will find you, because you are the most brilliant star in the sky...

This work © Marisa Espinola

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