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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix


By Anna Finch,
Virginia, USA

oh River, River
how fast you slide
through the stream of life
first with cautious laps, but soon catching speed
oh how beautiful and shining you are river
deer and humans stop by
to watch you, to drink from your open heart
but some watchers aren't helpful to you
they hungrily drink your water
or destroy it with pollution and anger
you can't stop them
you are unaware
because you trust and love everything.

You continue to feed the hungry animals
you grow tired; angry as
you get plagued with their rubbish and anger.

You are now trapped
you are nothing now, just full of garbage and despair,
which eat you up and slowly you shrink,
the watchers grow sad,
their river is disappearing
they can't stop it.

oh River, River
oh fast you moved
and then how fast you quickly disappeared
but we will stay in focuse with you,
For where one River ends,

Another is just beginning.

This work © Anna Finch

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