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My Own Private Idaho

Mike Waters

Gus Van Sant

Scott Favor

Keanu Reeves
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

My Own Private... Fantasy

By Seamus Cody,
Austin, Texas, USA


This extended scene builds on one in the film My Own Private Idaho directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Keanu Reeves as Scotty Favor, and River Phoenix as Mike Waters. While Mike is a gay hustler, and Scotty is at most an experimenting bisexual tormenting his rich father, I have chosen to extend the scene by tapping into the love the two characters obviously have for one another.

It was inspired by My Own Private Idaho's "campfire scene" in which Mike declares his love for Scotty. This is how I wanted the scene to play out. Apologies to Gus, Keanu and the late, lamented River, but... a guy *can* dream, can't he?

Note to Visitors:

"My Own Private... Fantasy" charmingly expands the already complex characters of Mike Waters and Scott Favor. Please note though that it is SEXUALLY EXPLICIT and should only be downloaded by adults who are not offended by homosexuality.

"My Own Private... Fantasy" is available for download from our FTP server as the text file /pub/fantasy.txt

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