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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

  God Damn a Potato E.C. Kasalivich  

        'How d'you nab him Nathan? How d'you nail the - excuse me Hettie - the shit?' asked Johnny.
        Nathan explained that the only fact that linked the dead boys together, apart from them being brought (at least part of the way) up by the Wilburs, was that they had all worked for Bob Forde. He eliminated Bob from the enquiry early on, and started to work on the regular customers.
        It had been the right track, but in the end, the solution came by chance. Billy Ray came storming into the station house claiming some young dude had upped on out of a big black Lincoln and killed his brother with a single punch. Nathan put Billy Ray in the cruiser and drove out to the location, during which time Billy Ray made a lot of unguarded comments.
        It did not take a Columbo to form a suspicion and trip him up with questions about the murdered young men. Before long he was singing like a bird in between crying like a baby. Jimmy was of course, not dead. He did however, have a broken jaw. Nathan handed it all over to Agent Marshetta, and the truth came tumbling out.

        Hettie spoke after another pause during which time everyone took it in turn to shake their head solemnly, or to suck in a care-laden breath. 'You know, it's like I said once before. We all die, and death is rarely pleasant. When it's murder, it appears to many that the death has blighted the life.' She looked at the others and felt that she wasn't getting through. 'Imagine the worst death possible, oh I don't know. Maybe, to be dragged to a lonely place, crucified on a barbed-wire fence and tortured and battered with hammers. Then left in the cold for days to slowly die.'
        'You sure have got an evil imagination, hun,' said Dan.
        'Well yes, it is about as horrible as you can get. But as wicked and as horrible as it is, it doesn't take one iota from the life that went before. We should remember people for the way they lived. That's how I'm going to cope with Vinnie, Steve and Juan.'
        'I know just what you mean, Hettie,' said Johnny. 'I knew a guy - he killed himself trying to loose something in drugs. People said another junky dead - big deal. But I knew him. Toby was a beautiful person. The way he died doesn't matter a f... Doesn't matter at all, unless it serves to warn other people like him.'

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