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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"River: This is to you"

By Monica Goodchild,
Toronto, Canada

Many people miss what they never knew,
Many people long for what they never had.
Why do people long for River so much?
Maybe because he could never be figured out,
And people always wanted more.
Or maybe because he could be figured out,
And others liked the outcome.

Whatever it was,
River made people love him,
When they didn't even know him.
And he made people that did know him,
Love him more.

He made people listen to him,
And that was what he always wanted.
He was loved when he was alive,
And he is still loved when his body is dead,
But his spirit is still living.
He made even the darkest day bright,
And the silver linings from each cloud,
Are reflections from River's smile.
The rain is River's tears,
Slipping off his face.
He cries because he sees the way people and animals are treated,
Everyday in our society.

He gave his all to tell everyone
what was wrong and right,
River, just in case you don't know,
Everyone listened.

And even though now the river will never flow just as swift,
The sun will rise just as bright, and it won't fall just as quick
And the stars will shine even brighter.
So why do people miss what they never knew?
And long for what they never had?
Because it's River that they're missing.

Rest In Peace River Jude Phoenix
August 23 1970 - October 31 1993


This work © Monica Goodchild

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