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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"I tried to imagine what River would say
if he could speak from the grave,
and this is what I got.

- Victor A. Mcfarlane

"Leave Me Behind"

By Victor Antony Mcfarlane,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You can live
but I cannot,
you can breathe
and have a thought.
Don't let time go by,
before it's too late
to live your life,
and make it great.

Take for granted
life not,
for you will get caught
with much to do,
and time

I am not here
my time has come,
but you my friends are,
so live your life some.

No one knows why
we have to die,
No one knows how
to say goodbye.
I leave you now,
with memories to share,
to never be forgotten,
and always
somewhere there.

So as my face,
fades from time,
remember my life,
but leave me behind.

This work © Victor Antony Mcfarlane

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