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"Poem for River Phoenix"

By Irina,
Illinois, United States

Even though you're gone
Your memory will always live on.

Deep in my heart that's where you'll stay
I still think of you each and every day.

You captured my heart in "Stand By Me"
More of you I would still like to see.

You were a great person, actor, singer and friend.
All I want to know is why your life had to end.

Even though it's been five years
For you I still shed many tears.

Even with all of your fame
You had always stayed the same.

Why did this have to happen to you?
When I think of this crying is all I can do.

You died when you were 23 years old
You had no one there for you to hold.

I'll never forget you, that's one thing I know.
And as people might say the RIVER will always flow.

This work © Irina

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