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"I Hate It When I Hate You"

By Ashley S.,
Aged 14
Nova Scotia, Canada

I hate it when I hate you,
I hate you because you're gone,
I hate you so much that I hate life
and don't feel like going on.

I hate it that the angels took you
when you weren't supposed to go,
I hate it when others don't understand,
I hate it when they don't know.

I hate it that you're gone forever
and that I'm here all alone,
I hate it when the world makes me hurt,
I hate that death's written in stone.

I hate that I can't change fate
and what was meant to be,
I hate it that I don't understand,
I hate that God stole you from me.

I hate your family and friends
for letting you slip through their fingers,
I hate living without you,
I hate that none of you lingers.

I hate that I can't change destiny,
I hate that I denied it was true.
I hate that for hating you,
you probably hate me.

I hate it that you poisoned yourself,
I hate that you've become what you saved,
And most of all, for still and always loving you,
I hate myself.

This work © Ashley S.

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