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Chris Chambers
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"Please let me say goodbye to a person who has been so important in my life for so long. I will always love him but feel it may be time to move on."

- Ally

"For Rio"

By Ally,
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

I feel as though my thoughts aren't my own.
Suffocated, frightened, so terribly alone.

My eyes search the darkness but I can't feel you here.
So used to your touch
To wipe a lonely tear,
Your loving arms to smother my fear.

So terribly alone, isolated, trapped.
So tired and drained, crying again
For the ninth time today.

I dreamt of you the other night,
A time of deep and restful sleep.
You were talking to me
And everything was all right.
Dreams, dreams, only dreams.
I woke and remembered YOU LEFT A LONG TIME AGO
And you're never coming back.

So terribly alone.
My eyes seem to stare into the night,
Looking for a friendly light,
Come as it might.

Energy drained, washed away.
But I know if I sleep,
My dreams will be haunted by you -
Your face, your voice, your very existence.
What you were.

Sometimes I wake in the dead of the night and I can still hear you singing...

'The more I hurt, the less I feel...'

And I know I'll be crying till the break of dawn.

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