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"Falling Phoenix"

By Ashley S.,
Aged 14
Nova Scotia, Canada

He was like a rose, sweet and pure,
and like a rose he blossomed and changed
everything around him.

But on every rose rests a thorn, painful and sharp;
and soon the rose dies and withers away
back to the earth from whilst it came.

He was like the daylight,
a sure thing that lasts for ever,
and like the daylight he was the
shining sun lighting our lives.

As sure as the daylight,
so is the night time,
blinding us from what we need see,
misguiding and fearful.

He was like Able,
standing up for those
who's voices weren't heard,
never hurting, only healing.

Alongside of Able
was born Kaine,
doing wrong and making mistakes
causing confusion and grief.

He was like life, full of potential and opportunity, a wonderful miracle from God.
After sweet life, so comes bitter death, eternal and judging, a symbol of the end here
and a new beginning elsewhere.

He was like the summer, warm and beautiful, a time for all living things to rejoice.
When summer ceases the fall attacks and all things come to an end
and then comes the blistering winter, masking nature in frost.

He was like a stream,
tranquil and graceful,
a form of art, a part of nature itself.

And like all beautiful things,
mankind will destroy them
with all of it's corruptions
and dark paths.

He was a flame, burning strong and brightly
through the darkness, a light illuminating our lives.
And when the oil no longer meets the wick, so ends the flame,
leaving us in darkness to find our own calling.

But not all is lost when death knocks, it is a sign that re-birth soon comes
because a rose will bloom again, a new day will always dawn,
good always triumphs over evil, with death comes re-birth,
the spring succeeds the fall and new life comes,
true beauty is in the eye of the be-holder,
a flame will always burn in our hearts to guide us
and the River overflowing from our souls will never run dry.

This work © Ashley S.

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