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"Phoenix symbolizes rebirth. River has been reborn into our hearts. He will always stay there and the pain will never leave. He's gone but he will stay alive in our memories."

- Samantha Carter

"Eternal Pain"

By Samantha Carter,
Sydney, Australia

For all of eternity I wander the road to hell,
Blinded by the mists of my fear to my transient destiny,
I cry for light as shadows fall,
I cry for peace as my pain grows,
As I cry my acid tears carve my epitaph,

Every mourning as I awake from my cold night dreams,
I cut myself, just to see me bleed,
For the reality, the humanity is what I most fear,
Eternity now has me in its grasp,
and from it I shall never be free,
For that road to hell is not a road,
But rather a bed of nails,
Death now, not a preconceived fate,
Now a product of my dreams,
For now in loneliness and shame,
I continue never failing to walk,
the road of Eternal Pain.

This work © Samantha Carter

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