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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"To the admins of Rio's Attic:
I love your site. I have been a fan of River's since 1995. Even though I don't remember the day he died, I had no clue who he was then, his life and death have had a great impact on me. Your site is somewhere for me to go so I can better understand the life of that brilliant young man and to see how well other people relate to the fact that his death was truly a tragedy. I wrote this for him:

- Olivia Tomasulo

"Eternal Flame"

By Olivia Tomasulo,
New York, USA

How do you cope with the darkness
I wonder
How do you live with the cold
How did you survive so long
I wonder
And yet never grew to be old

How did you change our lives
I wonder
When all we knew was your looks and your name
The light of your life has gone out
but the fire of your soul burns on
just the same

And what do you expect me to say
You left us all behind
I can't help but think you were selfish
it still gives me no peace of mind

And somehow it doesn't seem fair
how they willed you to live, in vain,
Though God took you away
And dried up our river
still burns your eternal flame

Rest In Peace, River.

This work © Olivia Tomasulo

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