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Running on Empty

Danny Pope
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"Finally I'm someone simple enough"

This is River's final word in his last interview.

There's no real answer to my question.

I reviewed River's main features, qualities, and defects. The facts and what I've guessed. They've all something at least interesting, at best lovable. But you can find each one in so many people around you that it gives you no clue.

Anyway he didn't have many flaws. They were big enough for him to die but they were turned mainly on himself. Now we care for him despite or maybe because of those flaws. We all have cadavers in our closets. We manage to live quite well with them. River's cadavers killed him.

I also love him because, and tears are not far away, because he died.

Please, allow me to say again my kind of own little prayer.

We are his friend,
We pay respect to his memory as friends,
There is almost not a day he is not with us,
We love what he was,
We love the memory he left us,
We love what he still is,
We care for him.

Is my mourning done?

My letter has too many "I don't know" and too many sad words. He was a young man very alive. I'm sure he smiled, he ran, he jumped, he sang, he was happy, he laughed.

Rio's Attic, please, make a "laughing River" part!

Paris, France

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