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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

River Phoenix

By Cornelia B. Daly
Aged 13
Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA

twenty-seven summers ago
a new River in the world did flow
springing from a family who had strange beliefs
a sister called Rain, and a brother called Leaf

through it's younger years a River did roam
and crossed two continents in search of a home
the running River found a place to stay
by the Hollywood hills in sunny LA

young River had a talent for acting it seems
in a town where they let you live out your dreams
he lived them in ads and roles on TV
and as troubled Chris Chambers in Stand By Me

the world brought him fame, fortune, and wealth
he took it in stride and stayed true to himself
still a River runs deep people say is the theme
when below the surface things aren't as they seem

a River polluted is never as sweet
polluted with poisons you buy on the street
on Halloween night the River ran dry
in a Hollywood gutter River Phoenix did die

This work © Cornelia B. Daly

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