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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"Coming Back"

By Azure,
Beijing, China

River, in silence, I'm calling your name.
Sitting in dark,
closeing my eyes,
waiting for the beat of your heart.

Tears run down my cheek,
when a bright path leads my sight.
Trickling I hear your steps,
guiding me to the light.

Into a forest where a limpid river rests.
Tranquil the surface, a virtuous spirit it reflects.
I see animals playing, hear birds singing a song,
"Here is our home, safely it sets."

People around a campfire, beside the river I am walking along.
"No animosity here, only love," they say to me, "Come on!"
Hand in hand together, we are dancing for the faith,
a belief to all of us it belongs.

By blissfulness, tears be kissed away.
To this colorful world, the darkness fade.
Up from flames, the sound of life rising.
This is the celestial celebration of the new date.

Out of the river, a phoenix fly,
suddenly, surging into the fire.
Sparks and drips coagulate fast,
into a crystal star, up to the sky.

Gradually around me, everything vanish.
Silently, the wind blows away the ashes.
In the gloomy smoke and mist, I hear you whispering,
"If this is no longer only in dreams, I'll be coming back."

This work © Azure

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