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Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

Dreams of a Phoenix

By Jimmy Rose
Georgia, USA

A Poem

By Kim Warkentine
Alberta, Canada

River Left Us

By Tina Elaine Edwards
Great Fall, South Carolina, USA


By Diane Marie Rosalie
Maryland, USA


By Rosalie Laufer
Severna Park, Maryland, USA

A Gift

By Amy Tsao
Florida, USA

Forever Love For River Phoenix

By Erin Cleary
Philadelphia, USA

Flesh and Blood

By Victor Antony Mcfarlane
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Leave Me Behind

By Victor Antony Mcfarlane
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'll Wait For You

By Barbara Nardelli
Rome, Italy

River Phoenix

By Cornelia B. Daly
Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA

An Angel

By Ana Kuntariè
Ljubljana, Slovenia

River is....

By Ana Kuntariè
Ljubljana, Slovenia


By Angie and Ruth
Manchester, United Kingdom

Not The Hollywood Star

By Angie Battenbough
Lincoln, United Kingdom

The Flame Within

By Deborah Lane
Lincoln, United Kingdom

Just Some Things Left Unsaid

By Joy
Pennsylvania, USA

Tribute to River Phoenix

By Graceleanne Higgins
Cumbria, United Kingdom


An Anonymous Contribution

Shakespeare Quotations

Selected by Estelle

My Own Private... Fantasy

By Seamus Cody
Texas, USA

River Of Tears

By Joana Nagler
Hamburg, Germany

Coming Back

By Azure
Beijing, China

Phoenix From The Ashes

By Megan Curl
East Anglia, United Kingdom


By Kristina Johnson
Collinsville, Illinois, USA

Falling Phoenix

By Ashley S.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I Hate It When I Hate You

By Ashley S.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Poem for River Phoenix

By Irina
Illinois, USA

In Memory of River Phoenix

By Lucy Webley
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

For Rio

By Amy
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Forever River

By Afshan Ahmad
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

An Essay: Why Do We Love Him?

By Dominique
Paris, France

October 1993

By E.C. Kasalivich
Hertfordshire, England


By Marisa Espinola
Oporto, Miramar, Portugal

God Damn a Potato

By E.C. Kasalivich
Hertfordshire, England


By Anna Finch
Virginia, USA


By Jason LeBor
London, England

No Matter What

By Jacky Wong
Hong Kong, China

Eternal Flame

By Olivia Tomasulo
New York, USA

Eternal Pain

By Samantha Carter
Sydney, Australia

Rise Again Phoenix,
Flow Again River

By Caitlin Harper
Chicago, USA

A Thought About River...

By Rob Ezratti
New York, USA


By Suzanne Robertson
Alabama, USA

Eternal River

By Christine Anderson
Minnesota, USA

This is to You

By Monica Goodchild
Toronto, Canada

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