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Stand By Me


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Phil Alden Robinson

Walter Parkes

Lawrence Lasker

Carl Arbogast

Dan Aykroyd

Back to the Future

Walking the Tracks: The Summer of Stand By Me

The Making of Sneakers
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
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"It's not too late to re-shoot, is it?"

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Now released for the second time on DVD format under the guise of a "Collector's Edition," further information behind the 1992 movie Sneakers is revealed.

The sparse bonus materials of the first DVD release of the movie are not repeated again on this disk, except that is, for the movie's trailer which is once again included. Instead, we get a movie commentary track with director of Sneakers Phil Alden Robinson along with producers Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes. The three are also credited with writing the film and throughout the commentary, they all talk about some of the mechanics at play and the problems they experienced whilst writing the script - a process that lasted for a great many years. In a movie that deals with the exposing of secrets, they themselves also reveal everything from the subtle clues purposely inserted into the script for the audience to pick up on through to admitting that there is a sequence in the film that was actually filmed on the set of another Universal block-buster Back To The Future.

Bonus Materials River is mentioned by name only twice during the commentary and both occassions are just throw-away references of no particular importance. The first occasion being when the writers comment on how a similarity in body sizes between River and Dan Aykroyd was made use of in the telling of the story. There's also a comment about the relationship between River and Sidney Poitier, one certainly worthy of comment, but in fact the commentators are merely referring to the rapport between the two fictional characters in Sneakers.

Also present in this Collector's Edition is The Making of Sneakers documentary which, after a slow start where the three writers reminisce over piles of dusty scripts and production notes, eventually turns out to be the gem of all the bonus features. Candid sequences shot on-set during the production of the movie start to appear which then leads on to original interviews that the cast and crew gave during the movies initial release being seamlessly edited in as well.

All of the cast talk about their characters, and when it gets to River's turn, he describes the enthusiasm Carl has for his somewhat unorthodox job and how he is always looking to the other team-members for guidance. Whilst his character might very well be enthusiastic, it should be remembered that this was a movie that River would urge his own friends not to go and see and he would say that he had "trashed himself" by taking on this role. The foundation of this deep regret can be seen even here, as River then goes on to explain, with a great deal of barely disguised embarrassment, that Carl is "girl crazy."

Unlike the Stand By Me documentary, Walking the Tracks: The Summer of Stand By Me, poignancy plays no part in The Making of Sneakers. Without doubt though, what is the most poignant part of all in this documentary will be something that is missed by most viewers. It takes place during the middle of the closing credits.

Somehow, even now, it seems wrong. The youngest member of any ensemble movie cast, much less this one, should have no need for an an estate.

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