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Further Phoenix
at Rio's Attic:

A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon

Running on Empty

20th Century Fox

Christine Lahti

Danny Pope

Academy Awards
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
American EnglishEn Français

Running on Empty - Region 1 Running on Empty - Region 4

DVD Region

North America,

Central & South America,
Australia, New Zealand
Spoken Languages: ENGLISH, FRANÇAIS
Subtitles: NONE
Picture Format: Standard Pan and Scan
Sound Format: Mono

Main Menu There are no special features to be found on this DVD at all and the visual material that is included is held together by a simple generic menu design that bears no relation to the actual movie. There's no widescreen presentation of the movie to be found here either, the original theatrical release of the film having been butchered and trimmed down to a television-screen-shaped format but by far the biggest crime on the part of the film company is that this DVD has been released with only a mono sound track. This is a glaring omission particularly noticeable during the several occasions in the movie when River's Danny Pope character is playing the piano.

Chapter Selection Furthermore, even Twentieth Century Fox and their rushed release of the DVD version of A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon managed to come up with a better chapter selection menu than this. As is usual, on the rear of the DVD case information is printed regarding the movie and the actors and actresses. Both Christine Lahti and River are mentioned with regards to awards they won following their performances in this film, but no reference is made to one of River's most significant milestones of his career - his Academy Award nomination.

Aficionados of this film has long cried out for a release of the movie's soundtrack as a CD album in much the same way as a number of River's other movies have been. This DVD release shows quite clearly how poorly Running on Empty continues to be treated by it's distributors.

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