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Further Phoenix
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Stand By Me

The Mosquito Coast

Little Nikita

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Gus Van Sant

Harrison Ford

Kiefer Sutherland

Sidney Poitier

Danny Pope

108 Portraits

Timothy White

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
American EnglishEn Français


by Timothy White
First published in 2001

ISBN 0-8478-2398-9 (Hardback, 144 Pages)

Initially appearing to follow very much along the same lines as the book 108 Portraits in which Gus Van Sant presents a collection of black and white polaroids used to cast the films he has made, photographer Timothy White's collection, simply entitled Portraits, is a colourful collection of vivid imagery depicting personalities from the film, entertainment and music industries.

Most impressively, the book features a foreword written by River's Mosquito Coast and Last Crusade co-star, Harrison Ford.

After about fifteen years I got lucky and now I get stills approval (sometimes). Often I have a chance to participate in the choice of the photographer I am to work with for an assignment.

I've been choosing Tim White for almost twenty years. We've done dozens of magazine shoots and movie posters. The work that he does supports my ambitions and of those that we are both engaged in serving. This collection of portraits is a testimony to Tim's talent for creating memorable, enduring images with a distinct purpose. They're rich in color. They have a unique point of view. They're magnetic, drawing you in and holding you there.

White has been taking commissioned celebrity photographs for more than twenty years. In addition to several shots of Harrison Ford, the collectible archive presented here includes photos of River's Stand By Me co-star, Kiefer Sutherland, taken in New Mexico in 1991 and also River's Little Nikita and Sneakers co-star, Sidney Poitier, in a photograph which depicts happy times back in 1987.

River himself is featured in a lovely photograph. It's the one where he sits on the floor next to that reflective silver bar stool holding a telephone. The tiled wall behind him extenuates a classic Danny Pope style pose. His eyes, as dark and mysterious as the black jeans that he wears, both betray a sense of mischief as well as exuding limitless energy and are full of life. The book tells us that it was taken in New York City in May 1988.

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