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Peter Bogdanovich

Silent Tongue

Stand By Me

Running on Empty

My Own Private Idaho

Gus Van Sant

Keanu Reeves

Steven Spielberg

Harrison Ford

Rob Reiner


Sidney Poitier

Sidney Lumet

Academy Awards


Sandra Bullock

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The Movie Book

Manuel Avarado

Ed Buscombe

Tanya Krzywinska

Michael Newton

Alan Stowbrook

Alan Stevens

Catherine Surowiec

Emma Widdis
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
American EnglishEn Français

The Movie Book

by Manuel Avarado, Ed Buscombe, Tanya Krzywinska,
Michael Newton, Alan Stowbrook, Alan Stevens,
Catherine Surowiec and Emma Widdis.
First published in 1999.

ISBN 0-7148-3847-0 (Hardback, 512 Pages)

One of the favourite games with the arrival of the new millennium is to list the "top ten" or the "top one hundred" in every category possible. This book goes a little further as it lists the "top five hundred" in the cinema industry since the first "cinématographe" of the Lumière brothers.

It is a large size, very heavy, rather expensive but beautiful book, the kind of book one likes to open at random. A book where the reader likes to check if the authors shared his/her personal choices.

The Movie Book brings together 500 people from around the world that have made a landmark contribution to the medium of film. From the earliest pioneers to the stars of today, the entries cover the entire industry, including actors and directors, costume designers and make-up artists, special effects wizards and animators, producers, and major movie moguls.

The five hundred are listed in alphabetical order and at the end of the book there is a glossary of technical terms, movements and genres and a directory of film festivals and museums. A film still, photograph or cinematic sequence illustrates each page. A short text reminds the reader of essential biographical information. With such a figure like 500, it is almost as interesting to discover the names of the absent, and of course some are missing. But the main movie luminaries shine in this book.

Those interested by River's story will find many actors and directors who crossed his way during his short life like Peter Bogdanovich, Harrison Ford, William Hurt, Sidney Lumet, Sidney Poitier, Rob Reiner and Steven Spielberg though there is no mention of River in any of these entries.

However, such a reference is to be found on two other pages, the first one dedicated to Keanu Reeves who appears here in the famous Speed bus with Sandra Bullock. The second mention of River's name is made on Gus Van Sant's page where the following text introduces a large-sized picture of River and Keanu Reeves on their motorbike in Portland, Oregon.

River Phoenix as the young hustler and Keanu Reeves as the rich young drifter he meets up with in My Own Private Idaho (1991). Gus Van Sant's film is strange, original and brilliant - part road movie, part Shakespearean drama (at one point the film offers a rendering of Henry IV), part gay odyssey.

But that's not all. It is always satisfying to discover that other people share one's own preferences. And, above all, it is also a great joy to see River receiving the recognition he deserves among his peers.

Phoenix River - Actor

Against a leafy background, a weeping boy is comforted by his friend. In Rob Reiner's Stand By Me (1986), four schoolboys on a cross-country trek discover a dead body by a railtrack. The significance of the event is told in retrospective narration. Phoenix began to perform very early, acting and singing by the age of ten, and making his screen debut in Explorers (1985). He was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Sidney Lumet's Running on Empty (1988) in which he played a teenager whose parents are on the run after participating in terrorist action against America's napalm bombing of Vietnam. In My Own Private Idaho (1991), he excelled as a gay hustler who, as a narcoleptic, falls asleep at stressful moments. Phoenix had a supporting role in his last film, Silent Tongue (1994). In 1993, his highly promising career came to an end when he collapsed and died outside a Los Angeles club.

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