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Further Phoenix
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Joaquin Phoenix, Leaf Phoenix

Surviving: A Family in Crisis

The Mosquito Coast (Novel)

Paul Theroux



Christopher Reeve

Glenn Close

Jamie Lee Curtis

Mollie Ringwald

Pierce Brosnan

Starlets - Before They Were Famous

Nancy Ellison


Nicholas Cage

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
American EnglishEn Français


Before They Were Famous

by Nancy Ellison
First published in 2002

ISBN 1-84222-512-X (Paperback, 128 Pages)

Twenty-five years worth of archive material are presented here, the product of the career of Hollywood photographer Nancy Ellison. In addition, the book includes an introduction by the author Paul Theroux who wrote the novel The Mosquito Coast.

The book features a whole host of stars including Joaquin Phoenix's 8mm co-star Nicholas Cage who is photographed in Malibu in 1985 as well as some very elegant photographic portraits of River's Surviving co-star, Molly Ringwald. In addition, Christopher Reeve, Pierce Brosnan, Glenn Close and Jamie Lee Curtis can also be found in this collection of more than sixty artists.

He was fourteen when we first met. "I've been thinking about changing my name from River Phoenix to Rio - like Sting." "Or like Charo," I mused ironically. He must have dropped the idea.

We worked together frequently and each session produced a new reincarnation: River the coy toy boy, River the environmentalist, River the musician, River the maniac, River the dark prince... but they all carried the same untamed covert energy. He was always expressive but camouflaged - always available but capable of bolting. His favorite shot was the darkest.

There are two photographs of River presented in this book. The main image is the ill-fitting "beef-cake" shot of River exposing a nipple, the uncomfortable, some might say "pained," expression on his face still as clear as ever. The other photo is much more impressive, not only for it's artistic merit but also for the technical achievement as, using an obviously very fast photographic film and short camera shutter speed, River is photographed crisply and clearly in mid-air playing his guitar.

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