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David Quinlan
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
American EnglishEn Français

Quinlan's Film Stars

By David Quinlan
First published in 1981

ISBN 1-57488-318-6 (Paperback, 558 Pages)

Yet another movie reference book, another compendium of film stars, and yet another brief mention for River. This particular reference work, now revised and reprinted in its fifth edition, was actually first published even before River's career had begun. Unusually for a book of this nature, author David Quinlan, manages to include a relevant photograph for every single entry, a useful feature when trying to put a name to a face.

Phoenix, River 1970 -1993
Snub-nosed, light-haired, earnest looking stocky American actor who became prime fan-club bait in the late 1980s. The son of one-time missionaries for a small religious sect, he grew up travelling in South and Central America before the family settled in California. Acting from his early teens, he was an Academy Award nominee for Running on Empty. But his career came to an abrupt conclusion when he collapsed and died from a cocaine/heroin overdose. He had acting brothers and sisters called Leaf (now Joaquin), Rainbow (Rain), Summer and Liberty.

Accompanied by a standard publicity photograph of Danny Pope, the author goes on to list River's film and TV-movie credits but surprisingly for a book featuring details of the work of over 2000 actors and actresses, it was most disappointing to find no entries for either the now highly accomplished Joaquin Phoenix or any of River's sisters.

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