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Los Angeles

Peter Bogdanovich

The Thing Called Love

Stand By Me

Little Nikita

Running on Empty


Keanu Reeves

Steven Spielberg

Harrison Ford

Rob Reiner

Sidney Poitier

Sidney Lumet

Robert Redford

Brad Pitt

Marilyn Monroe

Marlon Brando

Johnny Depp

Sandra Bullock


Richard Dean Anderson

In the Heat of the Night

Natalie Wood

Barbra Streisand

Julia Roberts


Matt Damon

Gregory Peck

John Wayne

Inside Hollywood

Richard De Neut

Globe Photos

James Stewart

Ava Gardner

Ben Affleck

George Clooney

Jodi Foster

Bruce Willis

Simone Signoret
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
American EnglishEn Français

Inside Hollywood

60 Years of Globe Photos

Compiled and edited by Richard De Neut
First published in 2000

ISBN 3-8290-4831-9 (Hardback, 460 Pages)

1500 pictures, 1252 names. This heavy, trilingual book (English, French and German) presents most of Hollywood's personalities as they were taken during the last sixty years by Globe Photos, an agency specialized in the field of entertainment photography. Throughout the pages, many stars of the elder generation, from Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck or James Stewart to Marlon Brando, Ava Gardner or John Wayne, cross the way of today's younger idols such as Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Jodie Foster, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis.

We can see them in their daily lives, be it almost private or under the public eye. They dance, they sleep, they swim, they party, they receive rewards, they rest, they marry, they play with their children and some of them even demonstrate for noble causes such as the civil rights movement, the environment, homeless people or AIDS awereness.

Some names and faces are familiar: The Thing Called Love's director Peter Bogdanovich has dinner with Barbra Streisand and Running on Empty's director Sidney Lumet with Simone Signoret. River's The Thing Called Love co-star Sandra Bullock receives a MTV award while Harrison Ford busses tables at the Los Angeles Mission's annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless of Skid Row. Steven Spielberg poses with his family. Keanu Reeves is rehearsing with his group Dogstar and Little Nikita co-star Sidney Poitier is watched by a young citizen of Sparta, Illinois, during the filming of In the Heat of the Night. In 1975 Sneakers co-star Robert Redford attends Natalie Wood's wedding, in 1978 Stand By Me director Rob Reiner shares an intimate moment with his wife and the same year Richard Dean Anderson is seen dancing.

Page 357 presents the picture of a young man, still a teenager. He is playing the guitar on stage. The title of the chapter where he can be found is "Hollywood at Play - Rest and Rehabilitation." This could probably have been better placed in the previous chapter, called "Hollywood at work - Concerns and Commitments," because the long-blond-haired young man participates in the Rock Against Fur Concert. Actually this picture, taken in 1987, is the symbol of the young man’s two loves: to care for animals and to play music.

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