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My Own Private Idaho

Interview With The Vampire

Tom Cruise

Robert Redford

A River Runs Through It

Anne Rice


Chris Mundy

Barbara O'Dair

Lorraine Ali

Peter Travers

Mark Seliger

US Magazine

No Man's Land

Seven Years in Tibet

Paul Maclean

Johnny Suede
Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix
American EnglishEn Français

"I knew River a little, but I wanted to know him more."

- Brad Pitt


by Chris Mundy, Barbara O'Dair
Lorraine Ali, Peter Travers and Mark Seliger.
First published in 1997.

ISBN 0-316-89360-9 (Hardback, 144 Pages)

This product, the joint effort of five members of the writing staff of US magazine, can only be described as part-biography and part-photo-album but instead of creating a collection of mismatched ideas and differing opinions, the authors manage to achieve both objectives with much success.

With by far the greater emphasis on Brad Bitt's professional work rather than his private life, the authors examine all aspects of his career from his earliest appearance as an extra in No Man's Land, followed by his work in various TV movies, through to the 1997 movie Seven Years in Tibet. It is a little over halfway through this journey when the reader arrives at a particular horror movie.

ISBN 0-316-89360-9 (Hardback, 144 Pages)

From the beginning, nothing about Interview with the Vampire was easy. For starters, Anne Rice, the book's author took it upon herself to stage a one-woman publicity bonanza announcing that anyone in heaven or hell was better suited than Tom Cruise to play Lestat, the tale's central figure. And that was long before the movie even began filming.

By the time Rice finally stopped her wailing, Interview already featured the full spectrum of Hollywood horrors: five difficult months of filming, rumors of conflict between the film's stars and, finally, a real-life tragedy when River Phoenix, who was slated to play the interviewer, died of a drug overdose.

Although the lives of these two actors shared few similarities, what with Brad's stable upbringing in Missouri providing a stark contrast to River's nomadic early life, the roles they both chose in their later careers were remarkably alike. Both up for the same role of fly-fisherman Paul Maclean in Robert Redford's A River Runs Through It, their careers looked all set to finally unite in Interview with the Vampire.

Brad Pitt's Johnny Suede and River Phoenix's Jimmy Reardon.

It was not to be though, and in this book Brad is quoted as he talks about the co-star who fate decreed he would never get the chance to work with.

"I knew River a little, but I wanted to know him more. His death affected everyone on the movie, but at the same time it was real personal. You gotta realize, River did a role in My Own Private Idaho that took it to a level that none of these other young guys have gotten to yet. I was really looking forward to him being on the set. It just seems like when we lost him, we all lost something special."

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