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Milton Nascimento

Curi Curi

Bau Metoro

Coisas Da Vida


Estorias Da Floresta

Yanomami E Nos (Pacto De Vida)


A Terceira Margem Do Rio


Sertao Das Aguas

Que Vira Dessa Escuridao?


Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

"Txai - word in the language of the Kaxinawa indians... adopted by indians, rubber tappers, and river people, in the state of Acre, as a form of respect and caring for all those who are allies of the forest."

Milton Nascimento

See Phoenix Music for details of this album.

The tracks on this album are:

1. Overture

2. Txai

3. Baü Mètóro

4. Coisas Da Vida
(That's Life)

5. Hoeiepereiga

6. Estórias Da Floresta
(Stories Of The Forest)

7. Yanomami E Nós (Pacto De Vida)
(Yanomami And Us - Pact Of Life)

8. Awasi

9. A Terceira Margem Do Rio
(The Third Edge Of The River)

10. Benke

11. Sertão Das Águas
(Hinterlands Of The Waters)

12. Que Virá Dessa Escuridão?
(What Will Come Out Of This Darkness?)

13. Curi Curi

14. Nozanina

15. Baridjumokô

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