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The Thing Called Love

Until Now

K.T. Oslin

Trisha Yearwood

Deborah Allen

Kevin Welch

Standing On A Rock

Blame It On Your Heart

I Can't Understand

Streets Of Love

Dreaming With My Eyes Open

Clay Walker

You'd Be Home By Now

Daron Norwood

I Don't Remember Your Name (But I Remember You)

Diamonds and Tears

Matraca Berg

Ready And Waiting

Rodney Crowell

Looking For A Thing Called Love

Dennis Robbins

Partners In Wine

Randy Travis

Tony Arata

Don Henry

Hank DeVito

Gary Harrison

Don Schlitz

Troy Seals

Steve Tyrell

David Palmer

Harlan Howard

Rio's Attic: Celebrating the Life and Times of a Dearly Missed River Phoenix

The Thing Called Love
Music From The Paramount Motion Picture Soundtrack

River talked at great length about interference during the making of this movie from high-ranking studio executives. It would appear such interference reached as far as the release of the movie's soundtrack as well. Songs sung by the main three cast members, Samantha Mathis, Dermot Mulroney and River are to be found nowhere on this compilation. The song River composed for the movie, Lone Star State of Mine was not chosen to be included. Even one of the other songs that River did sing, Until Now, is included but is performed by the original composer instead.

Playing the character of Lucy, actress and singer, K.T. Oslin, is featured on the compilation singing her own composition, I Don't Remember Your Name.

Both the CD and tape do however feature promotional pictures of the main cast as well as the full lyrics to all the songs.

The tracks on this album are:

1. Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open
(Tony Arata)
Performed by Clay Walker

2. You'd Be Home By Now
(Don Henry)
Performed by Daron Norwood

3. I Can't Understand
(Hank DeVito)
Performed by Trisha Yearwood

4. I Don't Remember Your Name
(But I Remember You)

(K.T. Oslin)
Performed by K.T. Oslin

5. Diamonds And Tears
(Matraca Berg/Gary Harrison)
Performed by Matraca Berg

6. Ready And Waiting
(Don Schlitz)
Performed by Deborah Allen

7. Until Now *
(Rodney Crowell)
Performed by Rodney Crowell

8. Looking For A Thing Called Love
(Dennis Robbins/Troy Seals)
Performed by Dennis Robbins

9. Streets Of Love *
(Kevin Welch)
Performed by Kevin Welch

10. Partners In Wine
(Steve Tyrell/David Palmer)
Performed by Randy Travis

11. Blame It On Your Heart
(Harlan Howard/Kostas)
Performed by Deborah Allen

12. Standing On A Rock
(Rodney Crowell)
Performed by Rodney Crowell

* Different version from that contained in motion picture

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